Millions of people in the United States have lost their health and their lives as a result of the global recession. The US is still in recovery but millions have lost their health. What exactly happened to cause this? What can we do to stop it? The following report provides some of the answers.
The first clue is the rising rate of death in US. Between 2021, more than fourteen thousand people died because of diseases not related to heart disease or cancer. That is a great rate of deaths, but when you add up all the other people who died the numbers are frightening. As more people die the burden on the health care system is growing as the need for healthcare providers, nurses and doctors increases. In the last decade, thirty-five million Americans have lost their health due to lack of healthcare.
Another clue to the rising crisis is the price of healthcare. The American family has been squeezed by rising costs of everything and the costs of healthcare are rising faster than wages. Between 2021, the average family’s income increased by just two percent. With less disposable income to spend, and rising medical costs, fewer households are able to afford the basic level of healthcare.
The result of less access to healthcare and rising costs has created an opportunity for those who have lost their health to get coverage. Millions of families have purchased health insurance policies to cover the rising costs of medical care. As the number of uninsured grows the need for such policies will grow along with the number of uninsured individuals. As more people purchase policies that will help them pay for healthcare, the number of people who have lost their health will decrease.
Millions of people have lost their health because they were not able to pay for it. Not only do they now have a higher health care bill to pay, but they now have to pay part of their own healthcare bills. This is not an option for many families. Being able to keep and home and keep paying for your own medical bills is important. Those who have worked hard to provide for their families now have to worry about how they are going to pay for healthcare. The stress of not knowing if you can afford the cost of treatment can become overwhelming.
There are other reasons that people who have lost their medical coverage lose their health too. If a person loses their coverage they may not qualify for medical benefits from their employer. This can result in the person losing the ability to afford the healthcare that they need. They will have to absorb these costs on their own.
As the economy continues to spiral downward and the job market struggles, more families are falling into the category of medically uninsured. Not having any type of medical coverage can cause a number of negative effects. A person can lose their medical benefits and not be able to get the medical help that they desperately need. They can be denied coverage and this can result in a lot of pain and suffering for the patient. They can even end up in the hospital and not able to get the type of care that they need, which can cause even more damage to their bodies.
It is important to know that there is life after pre-existing conditions. Many have found peace and relief by getting covered through a high quality insurance policy. Millions have lost health coverage and they have found something that can work for them. Now, they are able to take care of themselves without worrying about losing everything that they have worked so hard for.