Many of us have been unable to take the vacations and spa experiences of our dreams due to Covid. However, you can indulge just as much at home by setting up a DIY spa in your bathroom. Set the mood, supply the goods, and close the door — things are about to get a lot more comfortable.

  1. Switch off the electronics.

Get unplugged is the first rule of Spa Club! We don’t just mean physical detox when we say detox. The body and mind benefit from a digital detox. It allows us to avoid comparing our lives to those of others and simply live in the moment, happy with what we have. Instead, curl up with a good book or listen to some relaxing music.

  1. Pre-heat the towels

Spas never give you a cold towel, and there’s something so refreshing about being wrapped in warm towels. If you don’t have a towel warmer, you can heat your towels by putting them in the dryer for 5-10 minutes. Warm up a couple of small towels as well; dampen them slightly and use them to open up facial pores or soften cuticles.

  1. Use plants to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Herbs and plants will turn your bathroom into a botanical haven. When taking your bath and finishing your care, inhale the scent of a fresh garden — it will truly bring you to another country. Herb bundles like thyme or rosemary are nice, but eucalyptus is our best. Hang a bunch on your tub to create a comfortable steam room experience.

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