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The only options for modifying your coffee cup used to be espresso shots, cream, and sugar. Now, healthy things to add in your coffee , due to the video-sharing website TikTok and wellness influencers.

According to Vincent Pedre, MD, the medical director of Pedre Integrative Health in New York City and the author of Happy Gut, “coffee is no longer just a liquid vehicle for delivering caffeine.” People are adding powders, spices, and superfoods to coffee to increase the benefits of the beverage’s already well-known health benefits, according to Dr. Pedre. Some do it, he says, because they think these add-ons will help them reach certain health objectives, such as healthier skin or a lower waistline.

7 Healthy Things to Add In Your Coffee

Of fact, the majority of these do-it-yourself health hacks have not been reviewed by experts and do not have any supporting scientific data. Therefore, we graded them based on the candid input we received from nutrition experts on which are a good idea, which are safe, and which you should avoid. These are listed from best to worst.


Healthy Things to Add In Your Coffee:spices like cinnamon and chicory root
Healthy Things to Add In Your Coffee:spices like cinnamon and chicory root

As an alternative to pre-flavored coffee, Jackie Newgent, RDN, CDN, a plant-forward culinary nutritionist and member of the advisory board for 2021 Forbes Health, notes that added spices like cinnamon and chicory root can impart a distinctive taste and alluring aroma to your cup of joe while offering an added health benefit. Before or after brewing, you can add ground spices to your coffee, according to Newgent. Allow your freshly made coffee to steep in the spices for five minutes so that the tastes are thoroughly integrated. In contrast, you might discover that adding spices to freshly brewed coffee works better after whisking them into milk or plant-based milk.

As a “sweet spice,” cinnamon is an excellent alternative to sugar because it will sweeten your beverage without adding extra calories. She continues, “A cool tidbit about cinnamon is that it may play a tiny yet helpful function as part of a science-based therapy strategy for COVID-19, however further research is needed to validate these advantages. In addition to its possible cardiometabolic and weight management benefits.

The essential ingredient in New Orleans-style coffee, chicory root, is available in a ground form comparable to coffee so they can be combined in a brew. For individuals who dislike the harshness of regular coffee, Newgent believes this is a terrific alternative. “And if you use enough of it, your standard cup of caffeinated coffee will have less caffeine since it’ll have less total coffee in that cup,” she adds. Additionally, chicory root helps with digestion in part because of its inulin concentration.

Protein Powder

Healthy Things to Add In Your Coffee:protein powder and coffee can loss weight
Healthy Things to Add In Your Coffee:protein powder and coffee can loss weight

Millions of viewers watched videos on TikTok promoting Proffee, a blend of protein powder and coffee, as a protein-packed pick-me-up with advantages for weight loss. The powder may be added to any beverage, according to Pedre, but there is one drawback: Your body can only digest a certain amount of protein at once. Furthermore, regardless of the form in which it is consumed, only a little amount of protein can be absorbed if it is not adequately digested.

According to research, increasing your daily intake of whey protein by 1.5 grammes (g) per kilogramme of body weight will help you lose weight, gain muscle, and keep a healthy nitrogen balance, according to Pedre. The highest quantity of protein that can be absorbed is roughly 15 g, he notes, with only about 8 to 10 g being absorbed per hour and a transit period through the small intestine of about 90 minutes.

Therefore, you would want to spread out your coffee consumption during the course of a day in order to harvest the most quantity of protein.

Cocoa Powder

Healthy Things to Add In Your Coffee:cocoa powder boosts the health benefits of coffee in addition
Healthy Things to Add In Your Coffee:cocoa powder boosts the health benefits of coffee in addition

According to Newgent, cocoa powder boosts the health benefits of coffee in addition to giving it a dessert-like sweetness. This is accomplished by the antioxidants known as polyphenols. “Studies indicate that consuming considerable amounts of cocoa may provide anti-inflammatory properties as well as protection against risk factors for cancer, neurological disorders, cardiovascular disease, and more,” the author notes. According to research from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), cocoa powder also increases the amount of fiber in your cup by 2 g per tablespoon.

Remember that cocoa powder contains some caffeine, more than 12 milligrams (mg) per tablespoon, according to the USDA, which can be a concern for some people who need to limit their caffeine intake, like pregnant women, people with high blood pressure, and people taking anti-anxiety medications. It will also make that caffeinated cup of coffee a little bit more buzz-worthy.

Grass-Fed Butter

Healthy Things to Add In Your Coffee:grass-fed butter in coffee
Healthy Things to Add In Your Coffee:grass-fed butter in coffee

When Dave Asprey introduced Bulletproof Coffee in 2011, he made using grass-fed butter in coffee fashionable. According to Pedre, adding grass-fed butter—not normal butter—to coffee can actually have some positive health effects. However, this may not be for everyone.

CLA (conjugated linolenic acid), which is abundant in grass-fed butter and may aid in weight loss, has been linked to several studies. According to Pedre, “studies in humans have only shown modest weight loss, although animal research has been more promising.” An analysis of 18 human trials found that supplementing with 3.2 g daily caused a loss of 0.11 pounds per week, or about half a pound per month, when compared to a placebo.

What is known, he says, is that adding butter to coffee can reduce appetite and enable someone implementing intermittent fasting to use it as a transitional food to sustain the fasted state in the morning hours. In the long run, doing this can undoubtedly aid in promoting fat and weight loss.


Healthy Things to Add In Your Coffee:lemon juice in coffee
Healthy Things to Add In Your Coffee:lemon juice in coffee

Since decades, lemon water and lemon-infused tea have been popular wellness concoctions; nevertheless, a recent TikTok craze proposes putting lemon juice in coffee. The idea behind the hashtag #lemoncoffee, which has received over eight million views, is that adding the caffeinated stimulant to the fruit will help you lose weight.

According to Newgent, lemon has a multitude of health advantages that have been supported by science. According to recent studies, eating more citrus fruit lowers the risk of developing lung cancer. Lemon may have neurological benefits as a result of citrus flavonoids, according to her. However, adding lemon to your coffee won’t help you lose weight, stop headaches, or get rid of diarrhoea.

According to Pedre, lemon water “helps get the digestive motors in motion.” A relatively tiny study involving just 10 subjects discovered that lemon juice boosted the production of stomach acid. As a result, Pedre urges anyone who adds lemon to coffee to consider it a digestive aid rather than something that should only be consumed on an empty stomach. He advises drinking it either before a meal or, like they do in Europe, following a meal with an espresso with a lemon peel twist.

Collagen Powder

Healthy Things to Add In Your Coffee:Collagen Powder
Healthy Things to Add In Your Coffee:Collagen Powder

In a recent video she posted, Jennifer Aniston demonstrates how she starts her day with a scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer. “A fibrous protein called collagen is present in biological tissues such as bone, skin, muscles, and tendons. It contributes almost one-third of the body’s total protein and gives these tissues their flexibility and strength, according to Pedre. Less collagen is created as we get older. The skin is one area that may be affected by this; reduced suppleness equals more wrinkles. Similar to the skin, collagen is also present in the joints. As collagen levels decline with age, a person may become more susceptible to joint problems brought on by arthritis.

The most convenient type of collagen supplementation to mix into beverages like coffee is powder. According to one study, oral collagen supplementation (there are also creams and lotions available) increased skin suppleness, dermal collagen density, and hydration. Additionally, several research have demonstrated that oral collagen supplementation may lessen joint pain brought on by arthritis.

Baking Soda

Healthy Things to Add In Your Coffee:add baking soda in coffee
Healthy Things to Add In Your Coffee:add baking soda in coffee

Since baking soda is alkaline, people started adding this common kitchen ingredient, also known as sodium bicarbonate, to coffee in an effort to counteract its acidic effects. Theoretically, adding baking soda to cheap, highly acidic coffee will neutralize the coffee’s naturally inherent acids and make it more palatable. In actuality, though, it’s probably not a good idea.

Baking soda poisoning may result in heart issues, according to one published case study of a 50-year-old man who had been using it as a home cure for heartburn for years.

Additionally, baking soda is heavy in sodium, with more than 1,200 mg in 1 teaspoon, as its chemical name suggests, according to a USDA research. Therefore, it’ll probably also taste bad.

If coffee upsets your stomach, you may always choose a low-acid kind (dark roasts and espresso typically contain less, according to the Cleveland Clinic), or sip cold brew, which has been shown in research to have much less acidic components than ordinary coffee.

What’s the healthiest way to drink coffee?

Take it black

The healthiest method to consume coffee is black, or simple with no additional ingredients. Ideally, you shouldn’t add sugar to your coffee, says Dr. Hashmi.

Is coffee considered healthy food?

According to Hu, drinking 2 to 5 cups of coffee per day is associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, liver and endometrial cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and depression. It’s even conceivable that coffee drinkers could lower their risk of dying young.

What can I put in my coffee to lose weight?

Coffee with lemon juice in it is gaining popularity as a weight-loss aid. All you have to do is sip the concoction to see those extra pounds melt away!

How many cups of coffee a day is healthy?

For the majority of healthy adults, 400 mg of caffeine per day seems to be safe. That is approximately equal to the amount of caffeine in two “energy shot” beverages, 10 cans of cola, or four cups of brewed coffee.

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