We should be concerned about our skin. It’s much more critical than cosmetics, and we love how in the last few years, people’s perceptions of beauty have begun to shift, and we’ve all begun to care more about keeping our skin looking safe and glowing rather than only worrying about the makeup we can apply on top of it.

On the one hand, it’s a positive thing to have so many choices and items for every type of skin and a solution for every type of skin issue. On the other hand, there was a gimmicky skincare trend that came along with it. Products and procedures that you don’t need are being marketed as “life-changing” and “necessary” for skincare on social media. So, how can you tell what’s important and what’s a gimmick? Consult your dermatologist or look online for dermatologist advice. We’ve done some testing as well, so here’s what you don’t need in terms of skincare.

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