Why waste hours dieting or working out at the gym when you could be losing weight while sleeping? Although losing weight overnight isn’t possible, there are a variety of hacks and tips you can use in your own life to burn more fat while you sleep. Your body can be stubbornly hanging on to weight due to phone screens, bedtime, and other everyday activities. Here are all the ways you can improve your body’s weight-loss performance.

More Sleep
Sleep deprivation tends to be the quickest way to lose weight, but it actually causes the body to produce less fullness hormones while producing more ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite. If you’re tired, you’ll be hungry, so get some rest.

Sleep in a cooler climate.
The ability to metabolize fat is reduced when you sleep in a hot bed. When you lower the thermostat to 66 degrees Fahrenheit, you improve the body’s capacity to metabolize fat while also increasing the amount of calorie-burning fat by 42 percent. It would also improve insulin sensitivity, lowering diabetes risks. To maximize these advantages, sleep naked!

Purchase drapes
If your window lets in a lot of light from the street, you may want to invest in some shades or curtains. Our bodies normally produce melatonin after the sun sets, but both indoor lights and dim streetlights can delay the onset of melatonin production. It’s likely that your failure to lose weight is due to your tossing and turning in response to light.

At Night, Practice Intermittent Fasting
This calorie-restricted diet keeps the body in good shape. It promotes cell regeneration, but it can be uncomfortable for those who are used to eating frequently during the day. Human growth hormone levels rise during fasting, allowing muscles to synthesize. 

Phones are not allowed.
Blue light is emitted by phones and laptop screens, keeping our systems awake and signalling that it is daytime. Set your phones to “night shift” or set a timer for electronic devices to turn off. If you don’t, you’ll feel increased appetite and insulin resistance.

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