Wearing a mask has become a daily fact for many of us as COVID-19 approaches its one-year anniversary. We strongly endorse all public safety precautions, but our skin has taken a beating during this period. Remember how we used to be able to stand shoulder to shoulder in a crowd of barefaced people with no repercussions? We’re all approaching a modern generation, which necessitates the addition of new steps to our skincare routine.

What exactly is maskne?

Maskne is a form of facial acne caused by the rubbing and friction of your mask. And those with healthy skin are having maskne flare-ups, which is a nightmare for those who already have oily skin, acne, or cysts. However, because this could be a necessary part of our future for a while, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the numerous hacks and tips that can help you preserve flawless skin during humid summers and dry, harsh winters.


Even though blue surgical masks are the most readily available, the material of the mask is very significant. Disposable alternatives are generally built to suit a man’s face and are not made of breathable materials, in addition to being uncomfortable. Cotton is a good choice that causes less irritation, but the least friction-causing fabrics are silk or satin. Choose a mask that fits snugly around the edges of your face in terms of fit. This will reduce movement and, as a result, the irritating rubbing.

Remove your makeup and wash your face.

The most critical aspect of preventing maskne is to clean your face. If you keep putting your mask on dirty skin, more bacteria will spread. Furthermore, avoiding makeup will keep pores clear and satisfied. Makeup irritates us enough as it is, so why do we want to torment ourselves with it when half of our faces are hidden?

Skincare that is nourishing

Often look for a non-comedogenic formula when selecting an SPF product. Cleansers should be light but hydrating, and moisturizers should be light but contain antioxidants. When it comes to moisture that is as light as air, the ingredient hyaluronic acid is a lifesaver. Basically, as many matte materials as you can find that aren’t drying.

Make sure your mask is clean.

Washing your mask follows the same logic as washing your face in order to preserve clean skin. Get a few breathable masks that you can rotate instead of disposable masks that can’t be washed and aren’t good for the climate. Clogged pores and oily skin are the result of using dirty masks. If necessary, hand-wash your masks in warm water with detergent — check the washing directions for your particular mask.

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